Muscle NH2 True Mass Four Four Zero 4.4lbs

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Key points per serving:
– 440 kcals
– 25g protein
– 67.5g carbs
– 5g l-glutamine
– 5g BCAA
– Awesome taste
2kg / 20 servings
Flavours Available: Chocolate / Strawberry / Vanilla
True Mass FOUR FOUR ZERO is a fantastic tasting, easy to consume mass gainer offering a massive 440 calories, 67.5g of low gi (glycemic index) carbohydrates to help aid recovery from workouts and build lean muscle mass. With an added 5g of essential amino acids and 5g of l-glutamine per serving, this product is sure to help combat muscle breakdown & improve protein metabolism. Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscle and True Mass provides an excellent, reliable and rich source.
True Mass FOUR FOUR ZERO also offers a unique protein blend and time-release system using sources of protein from whey protein concentrate, micellar casein, calcium caseinate and egg albumin.
Consuming True Mass FOUR FOUR ZERO will give you a slow and timed release of low gi carbs and quality protein and ensures that for several hours after consuming it, you will be still slowly feeding your body and providing it with the nutrients that it needs.
As you go through your daily activities or during your working hours, you can rely on True Mass FOUR FOUR ZERO to ensure that your muscle tissues are being provided with the nutrients they need to grow, recover, and add mass.
An Ideal supplement to be consumed in between meals or before a workout to get those extra quality calories into your body in a much easier and more convenient way.